Saturday, June 16, 2012


American Apparel Striped Nylon Tricot Ruched Front Bikini Tube Top (Barcelona Stripe), Topshop Lady Bow Hat. 

The Tennessee sunshine; Bonaroo, a worldly musical endeavor brought together 80,000 electrified music lovers. A four day and night-long music festival; a 700 acre town in itself. A playground and campsite for all who came to this special event. All united as Bonaroovians, we set out, naturally to have a whimsical vacation; a one of kind experience. Everyday dressed for the occasion, soon to discover the most comfortable ensemble you could wear was a bikini. Sun-screened up, I explored the festival in my Barcelona Striped bikini and a simple straw hat I bought at Topshop the week prior. The weekend consisted of more than I could've imagined: international food, shops, watersides, slip-and-slides, activities, volleyball, comedy shows, vibrant souls, really anything you could envision. Everyone was there to share a wonderful time, and that we did. :)
Photo's By: Ryan Neal Cordwell