Friday, June 22, 2012


Oscar De La Renta Floral Dress, Vintage Leather Loafers, Vintage White Quilted Purse, Micro-Mesh Twist Scarf.

A bright floral outfit for a hot summer day, Ziggy Marley performed as the sun went down at Art Park this week. The concert brought together a crowd of music lovers, with smiles and a love for reggae. I was so honored to finally see a Marley preform live. The energy was warmhearted and Ziggy's performance was impressive to say the least, a lot of energy and a voice that was reminiscent of his fathers. He played several of Bob Marley's songs, such as "Could You Be Loved" along with his own music. As you can see in one of my pictures I had some scrumptious banana gelato and pomegranate sorbet to cleanse the palette. As the concert dwindled to an end I was right below Ziggy dancing under the stage lights and the loud music in the pit with more room than I ever humanly thought I would experienced. It couldn't have been any better of a night. I was missing my lovely Ryan who just went back home to Arizona. (My talented photographer) for most of my blog photos. 
Anyways I put this post off for a while, (two days) :) had to finish it before I go to bed tonight. 
Toodles everyone. 
Bonne nuit.