Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bright Bedouin Trending.

J. Jill Thrifted Maxi Dress, Bright Pink Chloe Handbag, Bedouin Handmade Purse Chain, Bedouin Handmade Embroidered Shawl, Zara Ankle Boots, Silver Pendant Necklace.

This handmade Bedouin style shawl is officially my new favorite item in my closet, it is so fabulous and gorgeously made. It is all handmade and embroidered and took around six months to make. It is a priceless piece to have in my option. What drew it to me most, was the bright color tassels along the ends of the scarf. It gives you so many pairing options with neutrals along the middle. I went absolutely mad in this beautiful Bedouin shop in Maadi, Cairo. They had everything you could imagine from kitchenware to jewelry. I find all of the Bedouin style creation so original and painstakingly handmade. They are extremely fashionable unique items and the vibrant colors are perfect for summer wear. I purchased several other items so those should be popping up in future blog posts! I leave Egypt tomorrow, it my last day before flying back to the U.S. I am going to miss it here so much, a little part of Egypt will always be in my heart. I can't wait till my next visit. I hope you all enjoy the little culture twist to this post! I have fallen in love with almost all things Bedouin style!!

Photos By: Morgan Flynn.