Monday, July 2, 2012

Cyperus Papyrus.


Galabia Dress (Egyptian - gallābīya), Michael Kors Tote, Michael Kors Watch, Zara Brown Ankle Boots, Carrera Blonde Light Gold Sunglasses.

Today I took a trip to the Souq Market, downtown Cairo. I put this outfit together quickly this morning to hit the market and bargain this afternoon. This was my second time going to the market and unfortunately a lot of the stores were closed today! Sunday in Cairo is like a Monday in the States, quite interesting ey. Anyway I picked up a couple beautiful handmade Galabia dresses and Papyrus art. I wanted to pick up some fabric, but all the stores were close! Just means I'm going back :) This market is so wonderful and full of life, I am definitely going to have a part two blog post, when I can go and be at the market for longer. Here is just a few snapshot from the day. 
Hope everyone is having a wonder morning, afternoon, evening. <3