Monday, July 9, 2012

Tangerine Magenta Paradise

H&M Beach Ensemble: Purple Fabric Rose Hair Clips, Tangerine Bikini, Marni Silk Shorts.

My recent traveling adventure took me to Sharm El-Sheikh; a very well know diving destination on the peak of Egypt and The Red Sea. What a treat to be able to visit such a lovely under sea world. :) I picked up this chill beach outfit at H&M City Star Mall Egypt the day before leaving. Did I mention it is the most massive mall I have ever been in my whole life. I literally have never been so lost, its never ending. I am definitely rambling here, back to the beautiful Sharm. I had a one of kind experience there. The scuba diving was impeccable there is nothing like being able to breath and be one with the ocean.  Other wise the place is extremely relaxing during the day and has a raving night life. Did I mention I was very internet less, for the last week so catching up with my posting :)
Thats all for now. Will be posting a lot more in the next couple of days! I leave back to the U.S. Thursday!

Photos By: Bobby Browning