Friday, August 24, 2012


American Apparel Modal Shawl Cardigan

Braided and beaded unbrushed hair, a feather for recognition, and a drum to summon.
 A fashion shoot 11,000 years in the making; 'The Cave' of Cave Creek. Where the Hohokam and Apache tribes settled, leaving their remarkable markings on the cave walls. A place of historic remains and peaceful existence. Trekking through the muddy creek into the winding desert in search of the legendary cave; alas Cave Creek. Going back in time, we are amongst a sacred place of origin. The cave resonates an ancient power of abandoned stories. Never have I been in the presence of a place so inherently captivating. A secluded environment; the town's best-kept-secret. My intent was to pull from the cave's essence, through a visionary expression and sentiment.
Where legend lies, truth rests unknown, and fashion moves forward. 
Photos By: Ryan Neal Cordwell