Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mon Nostalgie

Todays Apparel: Vintage: Boat Polo, Denim Levis, Red Clip Bow. 
American Apparel White Thigh High Socks, White Playful Keds, Gucci Bracelet Watch, WeSC Marshmallow Headphones, Moonstone Silver Ring. 
Fizzy C o c a  C o l a in the Sizzling Arizona Sun. 
Baby Blue Skies and fluffy white clouds.
Timber constructed with nobs of the universe. 
Throw back Abby Road Record, Crosley's music to my ears. 
Brilliant Red accents for my smiling swift beating heart. 
A fashionable vintage ludic afternoon.
Chosen on a whim of occasion.
Bleached white rusted wheeled truck.  
Frayed denim Levis hiked up and tucked in.
Tin cooler, American favorite, labeled for aTrademark. 
Blonde bouncing locks sunshine, clipped and held back. 
Wind whisping by to the other side of nowhere.
A rocky mountainside vista, sweet aroma of the crisp desert air.  
Destination Unknown. 

Photos By: Ryan Neal Cordwell