Friday, September 7, 2012


Zara White Zip Dress, Nine West Black Stilettos, Moonstone Ring, Handmade White Rose Flower Crown.
Another beautiful sunset in a deserted lot of Arizona, amongst the mountain range. A yellowed natural light against a darkening sky with the silhouettes of the native saguaros. A simple white dress from Zara paired perfectly with a flower crown for nature's elegance. I am going to have to do a post on how I made the flower crown! My wire wrapping talent definitely came in handy with securing the flowers in place. I love the flower crown as an unique angelic accessory in the desert. Having a part of nature with you brings out a essence of natural beauty and comfort. Flowers are so artistic, and are lovely just as is. I would really love to wear a new flower crown everyday! Maybe for a week or so :) Will see how many I can do. ;)
I leave after this weekend from Arizona to return back to New York, my boyfriend Ryan has been so helpful with all of the photo shoots we have been doing. I am going to miss him so much when I return home. He has been such a big part of keeping my blog up and running. Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are in the world. =) 
 I will leave you with something I like to live by:

Promote Diversity, Take Chances, Open Your Mind, Dare To Be Different, Look For The 
Bright Side, Travel Elsewhere.

Location: Cave Creek, Arizona. 
Photos By: Ryan Neal Cordwell