Thursday, September 20, 2012


Elllo Ladies and Gentlemen! Long story short, I lost my adapter for my camera charger while traveling, I finally purchased a new one, so I could put some Clutter pictures up! Hooray! Clutter s i x DIY Market September Edition, By Vanessa Ron owner of Second Chic: consignment vintage clothing store in Elmwood, Buffalo, NY. It was an enchanting brisk day, with a dash of dazzling sunlight at Clutter September 17th. This was my second time having my handmade jewelry displayed at Clutter's Market. The gathering of vendors were exeptionally impressive and unique. I was having to constantly control myself being in a situation where I wanted to buy everything I set my eyes on! The day was successful, and I made several connections with other like artist. One in particular I met was owner of Once Vintage, Molly Hoeltke. I wanted to highlight her store because she was not only the sweetest and most genuine woman, her vintage merchandise is carefully hand selected and one-of-a-kind. Molly also makes handmade recycled garments made with high quality vintage fabrics. You can check out her online website here:
Photos By: Me!