Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little One, Big One.

My Dearest Ryan Cordwell, accompanied me on this shoot, we had this wonderful photographer: Patrick Corley offer to take photos of us together before I returned home to New York. He is a very handsome man, if I do say so myself! We went to this massive rock pile in the middle of the desert to shoot amongst the Arizona Sunset. This location happens to be Patrick's favorite spot in the area. We dressed to impress, and met up for an outdoors rock climbing shoot! Yes, I can climb rock piles in those stilettos!! It was a really exhilarating shoot, to accompany us, we had two beautiful horses and the backdrop of the clouds sliding amongst the warm toned sky. The pictures turned out so fabulous, and they represent us. Except A LOT of our silly is not being shown, which is what we are mostly made of!
Enjoy the photos, and have a pleasant rest of the day! Sorry it took so long to post these up, they are long overdue! Stay tuned for Indie Flea Market "Clutter" post. It was a wonderful day for a market in Elmwood! The pictures will be up shortly!

Photos By: Patrick Corley