Monday, September 3, 2012


American Apparel Black Riding Pants, Forever 21 Jacket, Thrifted Red Bow, Zara Ankle Boots.

The Piñata! I wanted to go back in time, back to the traditional piñata. So the Piñata has seven points to symbolize the seven deadly sins. Hitting the piñata represents destroying the sins. The candy falling from the piñata stands for forgiveness of sins and a new beginning. My boyfriend Ryan and I decided to set up a shoot to showcase the piñata. We decided to do it outside in Arizona's 105 degree weather, My Oh My was I hitting the piñata as hard as I could to break it open! It was a challenging shoot in the heat! :) My ensemble has a Spanish Matador essence.  The pinata's originated  in China, and then was introduced to Europe during the 14th century, this is where the Spanish brought the tradition to Mexico and the United States. I found the history so interesting, the amount of piñata's I hit since I was a kid, and I had no idea it had so much culture behind it! I went back in time :) It was exciting being in the presence of a piñata again. I named my bright  papier-mâché primary color donkey Burto, short for Alberto! He was a faithful mule and great teammate. 
Aprovecha el día!