Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Ralph Lauren Sailor Shirt, American Apparel High Waisted Shorts, Thrifted Belt, Brief Case (from my love), Aldo Pumps, Gucci Petite Watch.

My little sister, Sydney, and I adventured out into the countryside of Eden on the hunt for a location that can most accurately be described as a "pretty junk yard." It is certainly the cutest junk yard I have ever seen! We spent hours driving around in hopes of finding it, and the first person we saw in the scarce countryside led us straight to the gem-land! The ride was well worth it; the scenery was stunning. We were so thrilled when we found it; it was such a unusually gorgeous day in Buffalo, New York! Unfortunately, by the time we'd arrived, the sun had nearly set. It was oh-so chilly! And while my attire was perfect for the journey... the destination was another story. (Let's keep in mind, it's supposed to be winter here). We had a chilly time running around the playground, and luckily did manage to get a couple photos before we couldn't feel our fingers anymore. We endured it! =)
I can't wait to go back; I loved the vintage essence; it made me feel as though I was exploring a magical past.
The simple things in life. <3