Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Icelandic Moonflower

I would like to introduce you to Lueur Vacillante, the fabulous crystal heels by Lolita Designs. The lovely Amanda Malcolm, proudly presents her new, one-of-a-kind designs: Lolita high heels for special occasions. Whether prancing about your house, or attending the party of the year; a fitting shoe awaits your desire. Intricately decorated around the heel and toe, they are embellished and adorned with sparkling Swarowski Crystals. These sensational shoes will be sold by Amanda on Etsy, and will shortly will be available on the Lolita Designs by Amanda website. She invites you to contact her through the site if you'd like a custom pair- made to order. 

I love these shoes so much- they are a statement piece. And though as show-stealing as they may be, it goes without saying that they only accentuate the attire at hand. As I was to showcase them, I found myself debating on which outfit I wanted to feature Lueur Vacillante alongside, (though I can't say it was the first time I've encountered such complications with choosing the perfect outfit). I look forward to wearing them again, and again. "One-of-a-kind," is a standard of mine, and Amanda delivered exceptionally; she captured my style, and ended up creating exactly the shoes I had envisioned. My shoe addiction has only intensified after getting a taste of Lolita Designs. I am absolutely thrilled to add these new, teal charms to my ALEXANDRA wardrobe. 


Photos by: Ryan Neal Cordwell