Sunday, February 17, 2013


Eight Sixty Dress, Nude Aldo Boots, Ralph Lauren Apple Green Purse, American Apparel Sunhat, Movado Watch.

Hey Everybody! I am back in Arizona, visiting the lovely Ryan Cordwell. Weii! So glad to be here in the warm weather. I can wear dresses again, without having to layer uncontrollably.  My body is built for the warmth, it always makes me feel at home wherever I am, as long as it's warm and sunny. :) It doesn't even have to be sunny, just warm! Today we stopped at this lovely coffee shop, LUX, in Phoenix. It has such an amazing atmosphere, with a unique and comfy decor. Excellent little homemade bakery treats, and of course, fabulous coffee. We decided to have some refreshing italian sodas, since we had already had our fair share of coffee for the day, and my oh my were they mmmm! Ryan had the raspberry and I had the coconut- recommended by one of the Baristas. It was just the refreshment I needed for the exciting day ahead. :)

Photos by: Ryan Neal Cordwell & Me!