Saturday, March 9, 2013


I turned 21 on February 28th! Okay, so it took me a little time to post this up, but I am still celebrating!! 
I had such an amazing day, I enjoyed every moment of it, and I spend it with my love Ryan. We ran around town shopping, dining, giggling, goofing off, and exploring everything that popped into our eyesite. We popped by UNION at the Biltmore Fashion Park, and it happened to be Ladies Night! It was my lucky day, there were tons of exciting extras, and events going on. I met an amazing blogger named Ashely - who blogs on the The Shine Project, and connect with her cause THREADS. I bought a heart chain bracelet, to not only support, but to wear change. :) They are lovely add ons to your accessory wardrobe. Overall I had a perfect day, and it seems that this is the one birthday that I really do feel different! I am so excited for the year ahead, and all of the exciting changes. 
The one most important thing I have learned in my 21st year is to go with your gut, don't hold back and over think all of the scenarios. Go with what feels right from the beginning, and don't question what you enjoy, and what you believe in. Follow your honest passion, and love for your life to drive forward. Don't over think, believe in yourself, take chances, treat yourself how you would treat your best friend, think positively, smile at strangers,  help someone everyday, be you - everyone else is already taken, and always ask yourself what you are grateful for in your life.
Make a wish at 11:11.

Photos By: Ryan Neal Cordwell, and Me!