Thursday, May 23, 2013


A lovely picnic lunch after running through the stunning Sculpture Park with the lovely ladies of Free People Buffalo. We had such an amazing time running up and down the hills looking at the beautiful sculptures scattered through nature. Lindsey made these adorable personalized mason jars with our names to serve with homemade mint lemonade. They added the perfect touch to our little girly feast! We had lemon & birthday cake pops, fresh baguettes, cheddar cheese, and sugary strawberries. It was a lovely indulge after running around and getting very very sweaty. Which I love because I can never get enough warmth after spending so much time in the snow. We flipped through the pages of Kinfolk with shared conversation, light music, and scattered giggles. We had the park all to ourselves so our surroundings were so quiet and peaceful. Under the shaded tree we dined on the warm wooden picnic bench, and continued our journey and plans for future shoots to come! :)

Photos by: Me!