Friday, September 6, 2013


Free People Dress, Shoes by Lolita Designs by Amanda, Pearl Wrap Necklace

Hey Everybody! Oh my goodness, it feels amazing to be writing on here, it has been so long! 
So, you may have noticed I have been pretty MIA lately and haven't had a chance to update. I just moved from across the country from New York to Phoenix, Arizona. :) It has sure been a whirlwind and time has flown by since I have been here. I'm settling in really well and loving it so much! I've done a few shoots here and there since I have relocated, so more soon to come! Thank you for being so patient! It's super new and exciting being in a new city, and so much has just fallen so gracefully into place with the decision I made to come here. One being meeting the amazing blogger Ashley LeMieux from The Shine Project. Check out her blog and threads. She is fabulous on so many levels. We are going to do many more colloborations so look out! 

My lovely friend Amanda Malcolm has recently started making these one of a kind beautiful embellished shoes, as pictured here. (You may recognize them from a previous post). We set up a dreamy picnic in the forest of Sedona to feature these beauties. Stay tuned for more to come. They will hopefully be up online to purchase shortly, you can also contact Amanda through the link (website) above. I'm back!!! And it feels good!! :)