Friday, November 1, 2013


Zara Skort | Zara TOKYO Shirt | Thrifted Bag | Micheal Kors Watch | Shine Threads | Thrifted Sunglasses | SCOJO Readers | Steve Madden Heels

I am so excited to have met my new friend Ella Erlich here in Phoenix. It's only a major plus that she loves fashion, and of course just happens to have a fashion blog as well: for NakedOrange. What a cute blog name right? I also just love her in so many ways. She's a lovely person and is quick become someone I am so close too! 
We decide to go on a little adventure downtown to take some photos, (which we seem to never get enough of). Which is mainly because we are both so busy, so getting a little slot of time to play is uber exciting. We're always searching for interesting spots around town to shoot. 
Plus I was totally dreaming I was in Tokyo the whole time.
Photos by: Ella Erlich