Thursday, March 20, 2014


Free People Matador Hat / BCBG Necklace / Thrifted Glasses / Topshop Jumpsuit / Adidas Socks / Zara Boots / Express Waist Belt 
I have an unimaginable amount of [photos right now to post!! Which can never be a bad thing, but.. it is a tad overwhelming. My computer pooped out on me recently, and I have been road tripping the west coast for the last two weeks. So I finally have it fixed, and have it up and running! Weippeii. You realize how much you rely on you're laptop when all of a sudden its gone, especially when you are a blogger, and a photo collector.. I felt so naked! I will be posting a Wild Nomad Diary Trip Diary about the trip soon, it was such an unforgettable experience, and I can't wait to share it with you all. On a lighter note, heres an appetizer, I did a shoot with Hannah Minkner shortly before I left. She is such a talented one, but I don't need to tell you that, a pictures worth 1000 word right? We found this adorable teal colored house / I think I will always be drawn to color - especially any color in the tealish category. This color... (heart eye emoji) We both kinda freaked out when we saw it. Ps. Not smoking in this photo.. I just was just tasting the Palo Santo. If you don't have any you should get some for you're home. Its holy wood from South America and is amazing cleanse for you're house and/or space kinda like Sage. I prefer Palo Santo, I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like the smell either. :) For this outfit I was inspired by mixing something sporty, but dressy at the same time thats comfortable and easy to explore in. It's a nice little mix to bounce around in. I don't want to take off these socks either.. so comfy. Listening to some good morning tunes and getting ready for the day,  hope you all have a great Thursday. :) This week is flying by already! 

Photos by: Hannah Minkner