Monday, April 14, 2014


Thrifted Floral Zip Jumper
Thrifted Eyewear

I was so thrilled that Ella and I managed to squeeze a quick visit into our action packed journey out west a couple weeks back. I felt like I was literally a little five year old in Candy Land following the yellow brick road to the top of the mountain. Only to sit and reflect on life, and my journey on this in this lifetime. Every time I travel I feel I find myself a little more, or even learn something I never knew about myself. Traveling is my favorite thing in the universe.. I feel wild, free, and mindful. My perspective continues to broaden, and grow with experience.
To say the absolute least, there is no place like Salvation Mountain. Really though! Except for the endless colors in India... there may be a little competition there. I have never set my eyes on a place so bold and bright.. and large! I was so thankful I got to check this off my list of places to see.
The energy at Salvation is uplifting, and its hard to not feel it the moment you step out of you're car and start to take it all in. Nothing in sight, in the middle of nowhere. A peaceful and calm feeling takes over and you're content. This mountain to me represents mostly the essence of love and bringing people together. What would our world be without it, I know I can't imagine it. Try to find the love somewhere inside everyday, thats what this mountain showed me, even if sometimes you don't believe its there theres always a spark lying inside all of us, and a bright rainbow on the other side. 
Photos by: Ella Erlich